Thursday, August 21, 2008

Miss Alaina

Here is baby Harper. She is my cousin. Look how cute she is! I love you Harper:) And Atticus.
My Aunt Autumn did my hair! She said she would do it when I am in the magazines. I love you Aunt Autumn.
I love having a pool in my backyard! It is so much fun! I love it!
I had some nails and I liked them! I didn't leave them on long but I like them.
My Dad went to Chicago and I was so happy when he came home. I missed him alot!
He brought me this hat. I must say I wear it so I must like it!

Good Night, Love Miss Alaina

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pool days are here:)

We went in the pool on saturday! Yeah the pool is now open!

Since I posted last I have lost a tooth.
I had my Dad pull this one out! Last one Aubreana pulled out.

Yep, my two front teeth.

Picture day! Alaina & Andrew:)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Party!

I had my Birthday party today! I had a good time
with my friends! Kristen, that is a SMILE:)

We made Butterfly necklaces! We also painted our nails!

Me and my friend Hanna... Fun times!

We are cute! Huh? Jordan, Me & Kenzie being all sweet:)
I had so much fun today!

We played cup Stacking. I won:) Azul & Maria kept
doing it and they got pretty good!

Just eating some Pizza.

Big smile from my friend Maria! She is a Happy Girl!

Azul:) Jordan:) Me:) and Mackenzie just being girls!

My friend Jordan loves candles! She took them home w/her:)

We played this game! Mackenzie & Azul showing off
their skills. fast!!! Thanks to all my friends for coming!
I had alot of fun! Thanks again~ Alaina

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I am the Birthday girl!!!

April 6th is my birthday! I am 8 years old.


Matthew love's cake! He is one of
my cute cousins! Kylie, I love you too!

So, I spent the weekend with all my cousins
and Aunts and uncles and Grandma&Grandpa!
I had fun and came home and you can see in the Picture
Yes, more presents!

I liked this present because I took a class at school
on how to cup stack.

Here I am with my Grandma & Grandpa and
my cousin Jayden and Andrew.

Uncle John took me for a ride!

I got this pink Guitar for a class I took
last week at my school. It was fun!

My friend Blake came over last week. It was
fun and she told me fuuny stories! For example
she is the class clown in her class! My Mom was
laughing and so was I. She is very silly.:)

Blake thanks for coming over! I am having
my Birthday party soon! I will let you know
soon! Alaina

Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter and Stuff

The club House had an Easter Egg Hunt,
Petting Zoo and stuff like that the day before Easter.
That baby goat is only 2 weeks old!

After Church we colored our Eggs.

Last week I went to the Skate park.

Tonight I went to Chili's with.....

My Mom:) I am Happy I just have a rash under
my lip. Alaina

Monday, March 17, 2008

St.Patrick's Day!

I really had fun with these Chop Sticks!

See my pretty drink! I really liked watching him cook!

We will come back here again! I just know it!

Happy Birthday Aubreana!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Monday I had Hanna over to play.

We played alot of stuff ~ School, Dolls, Outside.

When I saw this picture I made my Mom take another one....

Yep, Ya see why!

My friend asked if we could take a funny face one.
Here it is Hanna. I had fun. Thanks for coming over. Alaina


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